Saturday, January 29, 2011


Popular in Asian cultures and now gaining popularity worldwide, threading has pretty much taken the eyebrow grooming world by storm. The method is intriguingly simple; a cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso and lift it right out of the follicle.

Threading has been hailed for its cleanliness, precision and permanent results. It's been sworn by people who say they have never been able to achieve the same results through tweeting. waxing or sugaring.

The downside to threading is that if  it's done incorrectly by an inexperienced threading professional, the hairs can break and re-growth will be faster.

That aside, this ancient art is no doubt the way forward for shapely eyebrows that last!



Compared to eyebrow tattooing, embroidery is quicker and less painful, while generating a more natural result. Special needles are used to penetrate the skin and thread in the color, ensuring it stays within the epidermis and dermis. This way, the depth of the needle prongs are restricted, reducing unnecessary damage and skin exfoliation.


Eyebrow tattooing became popular in the 1920s along with the pencil thin eyebrow and the advent of the silent film era. Once associated with the vain or fashionable. eyebrow tattooing is today a common procedure.

Who and Why

Eyebrow embroidery and tattooing are ideal for woman with over-plucked brows, gaps or scars where the hair hasn't grown back, suffering from hair loss and who want a more definite brow shape.

The benefits of both include:

  • Hassle free eye liner for those with contact lenses
  • Minimal make-up required
  • No eye liner smearing, especially for oily skin
  • Enhancement of pale and small eyes
  • Dramatic and more defined eyes. 


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