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Indu Thampy (Miss Kerala Winner 2010)

Indu Thampi from Trivandrum has won the Miss Kerala 2010 title, the beauty contest of girls of Kerala origin. Manju Raj from Shoranur, Palakkad is the first runnerup. Sonal Devraj from Kannur became the second runnerup

The 22 beauties participated in the grand finale held at Le Meridian Kochi were Aishwarya Muralidar, Ashwini Rachel Mathew, Aathira Sridar, Indu Thampi, Josephin Vargheese, Kavitha Prakash, Manju T, Merlin Hamlett, Mumtaz V.P, Natasha Anil, Neethu R, Preethi Paul, Priyanka Premnath, Reshmi Thampi, Renu Kuriachan, Saranya S Nair, Srilakshmi Harichandran, Sindhu Aeradi, Sneha Chandroth, Sonal Devraj, Stephy Grace Raj and Reshmi Rajan.

The winners of subtitles Hairomax Miss talent, Hairomax Miss Beautiful hair, Sumangali Miss Beautiful skin, Cuticura Mis radiant , Time ads Miss perfect ten, Club FM miss voice, Titan Miss sensuality, Asset home Miss Congeniality, Parinaya Miss beautiful smile, Miss beautiful eyes and Miss photogenic are as follows:

Manju (First runnersup)

Sonal (Second runnersup)


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Indu Thampi has won the Miss Kerala 2010 title, the beauty contest of girls of Kerala origin. A total of 22contestants participated in the 2010 Miss Kerala contest which was held on August 5, 2010.

The 10th Miss Kerala 2010 competition is kicked off and 22 Beautiful gals heading from Kerala are being in for this prestigious beauty competition.

Indu Thampi Glamors Girl Win The Beauty Of Kerala Awards Miss Kerala 2010 This Time. HairOmax Miss Kerala 2010 is been organized at Hotel Le Meridien where 22 charming beauties are present.

Here is the list HairOmax Miss Kerala 2010 contestants, who are participating in this event :
* Athira Shridhar
* Kavitha Prakash
* Stephly Grace Raj
* Manju Raj
* Aswini Rchel Mathew
* Reshmi Rajan
* Indu Thamy
* Reshmi Thampy
* Aishwarya Muraleedharan
* Sneha Changroth
* Sindhu Eradi
* Sonal Devraj
* Shrilaxmi Harindran
* Priyanka Premnath
* Renu Kuriachan
* Natasha Anil
* Josephine Varghese
* Neethu R
* Mumtaz VP
* Preethi Christina Paul

Indu Thampi crowned Miss Kerala 2010

Indu Thampi was crowned the winner of Miss Kerala 2010 beauty pageant in Kochi, Kerala, on Thursday.Miss Kerala 2010 winner is officialy announced. Indu Thampi had completed B.A. degree from AllSaints Colege Trivandrum. Her father is a business man.
Thampi was crowned by Archana Nair, Miss Kerala 2009, Thampi also took the title of Miss Sensuous and Miss Beautiful Eyes.
One of the jury members, writer Anita Nair, said that beauty pageants had changed the concept of beauty.
"It's interesting to see how the concept of beauty has changed and it's interesting to see many new contestants who don't actually fit within the considered parameters of beauty queens go on to become winners," said Nair.hampi, who was emotional and excited, said she wanted to work for women's upliftment.

Miss Kerala 2010 Indu Thampi