Monday, September 13, 2010



Mauritius has become a haven for Bollywood stars. Thus,during the morning of May 7 2010, celebrities in the studios of Mumbai have landed in Mauritius for the film break ke baad.The film has in the main roles Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. The crew, consisting of about fifty people, director, producer, actors, cameramen, technicians, spotboys, was found in the Balaclava Hotel in the north of Mauritius. The hotel is Located on one of the most pristine stretches beach overlooking the Bay of Balaclava. The shooting was done in the restaurant which is located opposite the beach. Several cameras have been installed for the shooting, they also shoot in intercontinental hotels,on the beaches of the island and in the capital.In India, the shooting of the film has already started since last month. This film is the first film by Kunal Kohli as an independent producer.

Break Ke Baad is based on a couple who try to mend a broken relationship. Deepika padukone plays the role of Aaliya, a young woman who wants to become an actress while Imran Khan plays the role of Abhay, a theater owner. "20% of the film was shot in Mumbai and Delhi. There are only 30-40 days of shooting to complete the film, "revealed Dhanish Aslam, director of the film.The team will spend 60 days in mauritius island.Besides Deepika and Imran, this movie also brings together Sharmila Tagore, who plays a very important role in this film, Shahana Goswami and Yudisthar.

Deepika Padukone, one of the best ambassadors of Indian cinema at Cannes Film Festival came to us directly from there for the shooting.Immediately upon her arrival, she went on the set of shooting.In terms of talent and sensuality, there is no one to compete with Deepika.She began in cinema in 2006 with Aishwarya. She however became popular after the success of the film Om Shanti Om alongside Shah Rukh Khan. She got the prize for best new Women for this movie from Filmfare Awards.On the other hand Imran khan with his youthful charm, has landed with only a jacket and a simple jeans. From his first steps in Mauritius, Imran Khan is all fire and flames and said that he is really happy to be in Mauritius. He took the opportunity to express his love for all fans of Mauritius.

Beauty Deepika padukone did not waste time in Mauritius,during her stay in Mauritius, she took advantage of her free time when she was not shooting to become a certified diver while enjoying one of her passion i.e. swimming and diving in the ocean.For her diving scene in the film Housefull, Deepika Padukone began lessons during the making of the movie. She now plans to do the remaining course in Mauritius, now a renowned destination around the world for diving.The island is home to some of the world's finest coral reefs and marine life and deepika said that she is the happiest underwarter,"it is such a wonderful feeing to be in deep water in the middele of the ocean".Deepika was like a fish in water,but it is not only the actress but the other members of the cast were also busy diving in the blue sea when they were not shooting.The film though has no connection with underwater activies.

Deepika did not stop to surprise us, she has also made her first test of skydiving over the island. it is the first time that the actress took the plunge. she tried the free fall jump from a plane 10,000 feet above sea level. Before departure, Deepika followed a short training to be ready to jump.. After taking place in a Cessna 182, next to mon loisir, she made a free fall attached to an instructor. It was a free fall of more than 40 seconds ... hurling more than 200 km / h towards the ground. After this mad descent of a few seconds, the instructor opens the parachute and that's when she could admire the fantastic scenery of the sky of Mauritius. For twenty minutes the duo hovered gently in the sky to the land .She was thereafter entitled to a free DVD of her jump shot by the monitor from a camera attached to his wrist.She was thrilled and said that she is not yet to forget this fantastic experience in the air.