Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Latest News Syahrini Beautiful Singer Has a New Heart

In recent months Syahrini and Anang so intimate in front of the public who are always holding hands in a variety of events. But what people say just hope and God is determined, as well as Anang Hermansyah is paired with a beautiful singer Syahrini just a distant memory. Gossip news Syahrini already have another idol of the heart, the man who came from Malaysia.

If Anang Hermansyah is engrossed in pairs with Aurel son, Syahrini, who now is busy promo, reportedly is close to the Sultan of Brunei. Really? "At all, I'm the same baseball nearby anyone, the news was a lie. I still do singles really my friends. Now again do not do an intense communication with anyone. I'm now more focused work once wrote," protested Syahrini about the news of its proximity to the Sultan Brunei is when found Studio Penta, Monday (6 / 12) evening. On that occasion, Syahrini also dismissed news that he was close to the employers property.

Currently, Syahrini was enjoying his solitude because of being busy with promo activity did every day. "Poor is when a guy who was close to my date, time don’t there for him. I still enjoy living alone, enjoying my career at this time, hopefully better, 'said the singer of this song Liar.

In fact, Syahrini challenged the men to propose to her if indeed the man seriously wants a relationship with him. "This year planning if one wants to dare apply I just wrote. I want ok married as soon as possible. When my parents said she was ok, I'm still," she explained. The main criteria given to prospective partners Syahrini later is to love him with all my heart and understand himself and the profession which he lived as a working world of entertainment.

Age that increasingly is also no rush to marry him. He considers everything beautiful in its time. "I believe God will surely give us beautiful in its time. Maybe next year will be beautiful is in time. If there was a man who fit straight marriage I have dech engga dating again," he said. He accepted with a positive forecast that in the middle of next year, he will get married. "Whatever I predict, and of goodness yes wrote," she added.

His desire to get married he showed through the expense Syahrini that he would immediately establish a consent granted if the father and his mother agreed. "The preparation yes if my mama father direct ridho consent granted," she concluded.


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