Monday, December 13, 2010

Nana Mirdad

Nana Mirdad was born in Jakarta, March 14, 1985 was an Indonesian soap opera actor. He was the first daughter of celebrity couple Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou. His brother, Naysila Mirdad, also a pesinetron.
WeddingNana has been married to a soap opera actor, Andrew White, age 9 months younger than him on May 13, 2006. In this marriage the differences arise because Nana was a Protestant and a Catholic Andrew, but the differences can be overcome with good. Marriage is also slightly marred gossip is not tasty, that Nana has been pregnant before marriage. The news finally confirmable by the mother of Nana, senior artist Lydia Kandou. Nana finally gave birth to a boy on December 30, 2006 DeAndra named Jason White.

Filmography* Married Laris (2009)* Basic Burglar Kundang (2010)
Soap operas* Early Marriage* I am Arjuna* You're On Top I'm Under* Pendant 1* Hunted Sin* Sweet Honey* Pendant 2* Cinderella Dreams* Miracles It Real* Love Supreme* Dawn* Love* Isabella* Kidnapping Miyabi* Amanda (Genta Buana Paramita)* Heaven and Earth* Taxi


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